Warehouse Lifting Equipment

Lifting equipment, in the form of cranes, hoists, forklifts and various other similar types of equipment, are essential items in many workplaces.

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While lifting gear such as forklifts, cranes and hoists are the equipment that actually raise, lower and move all types of material in the workplace it is essential for health and safety that loads are adequately secured. Accessories include slings, wire ropes, clamps, shackles, eyebolts, jacks, tirfors, winches and restrainers.

Cranes, hoists and forklifts are probably the most common types of lifting gear in use in a wide variety of workplaces.

Modern cranes, of which there are dozens of different types for different uses on the market, can lift many hundreds of tons while smaller versions are not only compact but can be highly manoeuvrable and capable of working in restricted areas with low headroom.

Hoists are powered lifting devices that literally haul items upwards or, alternatively, lower them. The most common types of hoist consist of either a wire rope or chain that can be raised or lowered by pulley. Some hoists can be manually operated while others are powered by battery, electricity or air.

There are some 20 types of common and specialist fork trucks on the market ranging from small hand pallets through to counterbalanced trucks and guided very narrow aisle forklifts to those for use over rough terrain.

Manufacturers of lifting gear include Genie, Duff Norton, Sala, and Morris. Makers such as these and more can be found at www.liftingequipmentsource.co.uk, the site for all items connected with lifting equipment.

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Today there is lots of lifting equipment available on the market which is used to ensure a safe work environment for your company. In previous times, goods and items were lifted by the workers who work in the factory. Today however, we are living in a mechanical world where machines can perform a lot of the work that was once carried out by humans. One of these is lifting the industrial goods.

The goods are lifted using lifting equipment; this equipment, aside from ensuring a safe workplace, reduces stress among workers and increases the efficiency of work. It also saves time and energy that can now be utilized in other ways and transferred to other areas by the employees thereby improving productivity in the workplace.

In order to ensure security of all our employees it is important that more businesses to employ these types of lifting gear. It is not only extremely useful but, is also very easily available. Markets are flooded with these types of equipment.